History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science and Technology

History and Social Studies of Technology

With the rapid growth of science and technology after World War II, new social problems, like environmental issues, new technological risks, started to appear. The importance of the analysis of technological change and its future is recognized by thge society. This area aims at analyzing the emergence and evolution of technology in society with the method of history, and science and technology studies.

Professor: NAKAJIMA, Hideto
Graduate Courses: Advanced Course for Science and Technology Studies

History and Social Studies of Science

After the Industrial Revolution, especially after 20th century, the impact of science on society grew bigger and bigger: behind the environmental problems lies science; scientific research is sometimes applied to military uses against its original intention. It is very important to think about the development of science in its social context. This area aims at researching the structure of the historical development of science in order to pursue better system of science in society.

Professor: KAJI, Masanori
Graduate Courses: Comparative Studies of Sciences in Regional Context, Advanced course for History and Methodology of Science and Technology I ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ,Ⅳ

Research Associates: Yakup Bektas

Logic and Methodology of Science and Technology

It is important to understand science and technology deeply to solve many problems. For that purpose, methodological reflection and consideration are essential. This area is to elucidate the fundamental basis of science and technology, and also is to focus on logical analysis of them. By mathematical and knowledge structural analysis of logic, we aim at understanding the logic of human beings as knowledge handler.

Professor: WARAGAI, Toshiharu
Graduate Courses: Logical Foundation of Methodology of Science and Technology

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