Development, Production, and Distribution Engineering

In this chair, manufacturing based organizations and their activities are treated as a consistent total process including production, logistics, and disposal / recycling. There are 4 research areas.

Fundamentals of Technology Development Straregy

This area covers basic problems related to generating and implementing technology management strartegy in enterprises, such as technology innovation / policy / diffusion, and technology management system.

Associate Professor: CHUNG, Sulin
Graduate Courses: Marketing,Distribution Channels

Engineering of Technology Management Strartegy

The topics of this area are the management and strartegy in the total process from the development of new product to production logistics. Methodologies managing quality, cost, and due date are explored in this field.

Professor: ENKAWA, Takao
Graduate Courses: Operations Management

Associate Professor: SUZUKI, Sadami
Graduate Courses: Operations Management

Assistant Professor: Bjoern FRANK

Human-Production Interaction

The objective of this area is to develop management techniques for interaction between human and production systems. Such studies are related to productoin scheduling, dispatching, production control, ergonomics, and cognitive engineering.

Professor: ITOH, Kenji
Graduate Courses: Human-Machine Interaction

Associate Professor: AOKI, Hirotaka

Process Evaluation

The topics of this area are business process evaluation, design, and management. Methodologies in production process, such as analysis, evalution planning, design, control, and management techniques are investigated in this area.

Professor: MURAKI, Masa-aki
Graduate Courses: Process Management

Associate Professor: UMEMURO, Hiroyuki
Graduate Courses: Product Design and Human

Assistant Professor: TAKANO, Yuichi

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