Mathematics and Information Systems

This chair consists of two research areas taking different approach each other.

Management Mathematical Engineering

We try to approach the problem of the real world from an optimization aspect using mathematical methods such as OR, Mathematical Programming, etc. as tools.

Professor: MIZUNO, Shinji
Graduate Courses: Numerical Optimization

Associate Professor: NAKATA, Kazuhide

Research Associate : KITAHARA, Tomonari

Management Information System

The approach taken by this area is from the point of view of System Science using Mathematical Logic such as Set Theory, Logic, etc. as tools to solve problems of the real world. As result of the nature of these research areas, it is necessary to use information technology (I/T) such as computers, networks, and various solvers. However, it is not sufficient to solve only the given problems but is also necessary to conduct the research from a border point of view including the next 3 phases:
1. how to formulate and model the real world
2. how to solve the problem using I/T after formulating and modeling
3. how to interpret the result back into the real world

In this way, aiming at a systematic combination of theoly and practice, the Chair of Management Mathematics and Information Systems produces talented people who can deal with all kind of problems in the real world without hesitation.

Professor: IIJIMA Jun-ichi
Graduate Courses: Business Information Systems Project,Transdisciplinary Collaboration Practice

Associate Professor: SENOO, Dai
Graduate Courses: Business Information Systems Project,Business in the Net-Society, Transdisciplinary Collaboration Practice

Research Associates: HO, Sho

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