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21st Century COE In 2004, the "Science of Institutional Management of Technology" (we call this COE program "SIMOT" in short) led by Professor Watanabe and centered on the faculty group of the graduate school, was selected as one of the 21st Century COE programs of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT).

Note: The 21st Century COE Program (centers of excellence: COE) was established by MEXT in 2002 aiming at establishing research and education bases across a range of academic disciplines. These COEs are expected to enhance the standard of Japanese research to the world highest level while fostering creative people of a caliber to become world leaders in their respective field.

The center of SIMOT (Science of Institutional Management of Technology) aims at educating, conceptualizing and operationalizing the co-evolutionary dynamism between innovation cycle and institutions, leading to accruing to global assets.

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