Professor Muraki, Masaaki

TEL: +81-3-5734-2358

FAX: +81-3-5734-2947



Office Location: Room 421, W9 Bldg.

Address: 2-12-1-W9-73, Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-8552 Japan

Research Interests:

Development, Production and Distribution Engineering
Process Management
Process Synthesis

At the Muraki lab, we conduct our research under the motto “how to create the best product and facility and utilize them to its maximum”. We search for answers from the viewpoint of the plant lifecycle, which entails the production facility’s design and architecture, as well as the operations and facility lifespan. We also look at the product lifecycle, which includes raw materials collection, scrapping, and recycling processes. From these perspectives, we address various issues of facility management, production management, safety control, and environmental control.
The educational system and philosophy of our lab is to cultivate individuals through the lab’s seminars and other activities to think, identify problems to be solved, analyze and develop solutions and show abilities to validate their methods. We also want to educate them to become leaders who flourish and contribute to society.

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