International Program on Effective Utilization of Technology

Purpose of Establishment

This international graduate program focuses on the "Effective Utilization of
Technology" as shown in Figure 1 and is targeting mainly those who graduated
from engineering departments in universities. It is expected that those students
deepen their knowledge and skills on technology, as well as learn using new objects
and technology in order to contribute for sustainable development in the twenty first century.

Figure 1.Effective Utilization of Technology

Figure 1.Effective Utilization of Technology


In this program, there are three core curricula as shown in Figure 2:

1. Courses related to Technology provided by other international programs in the University (10 credits).

2. Transversal courses related to the Utilization of Technology for Business Resources, including Humans, Machines, Materials, Money and Information (14 credits).

3. Courses related to utilization of technology including Humans, Groups,
Organizations, Community and Society (4 credits).

In addition, there are two camp-based workshops each year so that students can
learn transferable skills including human communication, stress management,
negotiation techniques, team work, carrier development, debate and other issues
based on interactions with Japanese students.

Program Schedule

The shortest schedule from the entrance of the program to its graduation is
shown in Figure 2, which shows the shortest path for obtaining a doctoral degree in
three years from the beginning of the master course. Typically, you will study in the
department for a total period of four or five years, i.e., 1.5-2 years for the master
course and 2.5-3 years for the doctor course, to complete this program.

Figure 3. Typical schedule in the program

Figure 2. Typical schedule in the program


Starting with the application, English is used for all activities during the program,
such as lectures, exercises, experiments, colloquium, master thesis, oral
examination for doctor course, mid-term examination, doctoral dissertation, and so
forth. However, we recommend you to study Japanese language to enjoy your life
in Japan as well as to study Japanese culture. For this purpose, both English and
Japanese will be used in workshops since there is some collaborative work with
Japanese students.

Criteria for Acceptance for Scholarship Students

Example acceptance criteria will be:
1) Top 10% students in excellent universities;
2) TOEFL score (paper) [or TOEIC] of at least 550 [or 765] (The score must be
submitted at the application of the program for non-native English speakers);
3) Good marks of undergraduate courses (e.g., higher than 3.5 of GPA); and
4) Pass the Oral Examination with three professors via Internet.


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