Business Information System Project

Business Information System ProjectThe overall objectives of this course are to investigate the nature and techniques of business information system development project. Through a semester-long project, students will learn how to set and formulate a problem and a goal of the target system.

In this course, students work in teams. Each team will start from finding problems and needs using brain storming, KJ method etc. At the final stage of the project, each team should finish their design of an information system that meets the goal they set during the early stage of the project. At final presentation, students should explain the problem or needs they identified and show how the system designed in the project could solve the problem.

Examples of project works:

・ Professor location identification system using GPS
・ Professor location identification system using GPS
・ Professor location identification system using GPS

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Transdisciplinary Collaboration Practice

Transdisciplinary Collaboration Practice In this course, students will work in teams on a consulting project. Each team are consist of students from different research field. At the beginning of the semester, each team will be given a subject from the top management of a real company. Students should try to collaborate with team members from different research field to propound, elaborate and finalize their proposal in one semester. At the end of the semester, each team will visit the company and give their final presentation in front of the business administrators.

Most of the project subjects given in this course are directly related to challenges that real business administrators are facing currently. As many real world problems, these subjects need to be considered from varies perspectives. In that sense, student will necessarily practice transdisciplinary collaboration during the process of problem solving in this course.

Examples of project subjects:

・We own a wildly used recipe portal Website. In order to obtain stable revenue from the Website, how should we build the revenue structure?
・Company I is a flatted company with a small number of employees. It is a subsidiary company and its employees move transfer to and from the head quarter frequently. What kind of employee evaluation system should company I adopt?

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