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Highlights of Courses

In addition to the three central pillars (core classes in Basics in Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, and Business) that form the course subjects, as well as history and philosophy of science and technology, there are various instructions given at the individual research lab.

Also, students can take course subjects in other graduate schools or departments within the university or even at Hitotsubashi University and the University of Tokyo.

Curriculum of Global Standards

Concerning both Industrial Management and Engineering and Business core classes, the same course subjects are offered at our university as those offered at leading international institutions such as MIT, Stanford University, University of Arizona and University of Texas. In addition to the core classes, we add a decisively more Japanese touch to our education method through "attention to detail" instruction in "presentation seminars" conducted by each research lab. Also, each teaching faculty has the responsibility of two or three advisees, regardless of class year.


Industrial Engineering and Management Presentation Seminar (Rinko) is a required course for 1st year-master students

A free discussion atmosphere at an open coffee break attended by faculty members,undergraduate and graduate students (held once a month)

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