Course Category

Spring Semester

Fall Semester


Pension Mathematics
Distribution Channels
Risk Managment and  Labour Walfare for   Lifelong DesginⅠ

(EN) Business in the Net-Society
Accounting Information and  Capital Market
Corporate Management Marketing
Advanced Course of  Management
Environmental Accounting
Colloquium on Management  Strategy
Risk Managment and Labour  Walfare for Lifelong   DesginⅠ

Industrial Engineering
and Management

Operations Management
EN Product Design and Human

Process Management
EN Ergonomics for Organization and Systems Design
Project Management in Decision Science

Mathematics and

Applied Statistical Methods
Numerical Optimization

(EN) Business Information Systems Project

IT Investment and Digital Organization

Mathematical Science on anagement
EN Information Technology and Management

Management of

Institutional Technology Management I Technological Innovation Theory Practical Business Establishment

EN Strategic Management of Technology

EN Institutional Technology
Management II
EN  Theory of Technology Policy

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Management
International Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Rights Law
Financial Engneering
EN Strategic Management of Technology
Infringement of Intellectual Property Right

R&D and Intellectual Property Strategies
Practice for Intellectual Property Protection
COrporate Finance
EN  Theory of Technology Stratgy

Science, Technology
and Society

Advanced Course for History and Methodology of Science and Technology Ⅰ,Ⅲ
EN Advanced Course for Historical Development of
EN Comparative Studies of Science in Regional Context
EN Logical Foundation of Methodology of Science
and Methodology

Advanced course for History and Methodology of Science and Technology II,Ⅳ
Advanced Course in the Social History of Science
Advanced Course for Science,Technology and Society

Presentation Seminars, Research, Experiments

Master Thesis

EN: provided in English; (EN): provided in English every second year.

Please check by the syllabus it is given in English or Japanese in a specific year.

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